Our Trainer, Gary Merullo, has completed the requirements and testing to earn the designation as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.  Gary believes that the Foundation for a Happy Relationship with your Dog is to Train your Dog Basic Obedience and Good Manners. He is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Gary Merullo, of Good Rascal Dog Training, offers In-Home Dog Training around Atlanta, Georgia.

When not providing Dog Training to his Canine Clients, Gary Merullo can be seen several times a week at Dog Parks in Cobb County, Georgia, working and playing with his three rescue dogs, Charlie, Pete, and Dakota. 

Gary is a promoter of Animal Rescue and has volunteered his dog training services with the Atlanta Humane Society in Midtown Atlanta. He has worked as a Volunteer Dog Trainer, training and socializing dogs of all breeds to help them to become more adoptable. 

He has also volunteered his dog training services with Georgia Canines for Independence in Woodstock, an organization featured on Fox 5 News, which provides Guide Dogs for the disabled.

Please contact Gary Merullo if you have any questions or to arrange a consultation*. He can be reached by telephone at 770-401-7945, by email at: gary@mygoodrascal.com, or via the Contact Us page.  

* $30 Consultation Fee, waived with purchase of any Training Package.


In-Home Dog Training in Atlanta Metro Area

Mission Statement
Good Rascal Dog Training services are always conducted with the utmost respect for Dogs and their Owners. Dogs are always treated kindly; and we strive to make it a fun experience that your Dog will look forward to.

Gary's wife, Rita Merullo, is also an animal   lover, and volunteers with several humane organizations in Atlanta. She serves as an Assistant Dog Trainer (if needed).  

Gary and Rita Merullo have been longtime residents of Kennesaw, Georgia. They love their three mixed-breed dogs. Gary has taught them to live and play together peaceably, and to be trusted off-leash within his home. (They are seen in the picture at the bottom of this page, lining up for a treat).

 Gary continues to study the latest in positive dog training techniques. Courses he has completed include:

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers' five-day Educational Conference.

  • Petsmart Dog Training Curriculum for Pet Obedience Instructors.

  • PetTech Training Course for Pet CPR & First Aid.

  • Renowned author and dog trainer, Nicole Wilde's, two-day seminar on "Helping Fearful Dogs" and "Creative Client Coaching".

  • Two-day seminar on "Anxiety, Fear & Canine Aggression" given by author and dog trainer, Trish King.

  • Studied the Positive Training Methods of many Great Trainers such as Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, and Pat Miller