"We contacted Gary because we have two Italian Greyhounds and they were running our lives!  They were in charge and we needed to change that.  When guests entered our home they were basically assaulted by both dogs jumping all over them and demanding attention.  After seven Training Sessions with Gary, we are back in control and our boys are happy!  We can now have guests in our home without all of the chaos because our boys now have manners.  Thanks so much Gary!"

Kim and Andy, Kennesaw
(Maks and Marco, Italian Greyhounds)

“You really have a way with dogs and Scooby was just delighted to see you every week! He has learned so much and is such a good dog  thanks to you. I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends with dogs of any age!"

Tracy, Smyrna 
(Scooby, Yellow Labrador Retriever)


"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." Aristotle

“I was at my wits’ end with Bailey (an energetic and stubborn Beagle puppy). That’s when I met Gary, and Bailey is now a totally different dog. The change was almost immediate. Shortly after the first session, I began to see a difference. If Gary can turn Bailey around, then I’m certain that he can resolve any behavior issues that you may have with your dog."

Derrick, Austell
(Bailey, Beagle)

“We rescued two puppies, Trump and Subway; and Subway had a terrible fear of people. After talking with a friend who trains dogs, he recommended that we give Gary, of Good Rascal, a call to see about getting some help. The minute Gary walked into our home; I knew things would be okay. Subway now walks up to strangers instead of running from them. We now have a puppy who can live comfortably. Gary had such a warm way about him, and he clearly cared about our pups and us as well. I can’t imagine anyone else who would love our dogs as we do; but Gary does, that’s his way.  Gary has a special place in our hearts for helping us save Subway.  My Good Rascal and Gary are awesome!!!”

Marty and Stacy, Marietta
(Trump and Subway, Mixed Breeds) 

"We are so glad you helped us with little Rocky. He is truly 180 degrees different than he was at the end of the winter. We can’t thank you enough! I would have never believed it could happen a month ago."

Mary, Vinings
(Rocky, Beagle Mix)

Client Testimonials

"We are the proud owners of two King Shepherds; Bryce, four and Tess. We wanted to reinforce their training but did not know how or where to start. After reading articles and watching some videos, we decided all of us would benefit if we worked with an actual trainer.
We contacted Gary, and after the initial consultation, we learned how to work better with the dogs, such as the correct way to hold the leash, what collar to use for training and walking, to the training treats to use.  All the information obtained from Gary was very helpful.
The last day of working with Gary we were training the dogs to do an advanced command, long distance down, which we are still working on. But during the training, we witnessed both dogs, actually “getting it”; like the light bulb going off for humans. It was wonderful!"

Steven and Dawn, Kennesaw
(Bryce and Tess, King Shepherds)

Please contact Gary Merullo if you have any questions or to arrange a consultation*. He can be reached by telephone at 770-401-7945, by email at:, or via the Contact Us page.

"Gary was able to make the daunting task of obedience training very attainable. I have seen great progress and Sam just loves Gary! We look forward to learning more in Advanced Obedience Class!" 

Milele, Smyrna
(Samantha, American Bulldog)

"Thank you so much for Jessee's transformation. He has gone from being a rambunctious dog to a calm, disciplined dog. He still has his personality and his love of life. We really admire your positive, reassuring style. We also appreciate your quick responses to our email questions. We were shocked at how quickly your pack exercises transformed his behavior. Jessee can't wait to start his advanced training."

Alicia and David, Atlanta
(Jesse, Pitbull Mix)

“I interviewed 8 dog trainers and while some had good rates I just didn’t care for their methods. I came upon Gary Merullo & Good Rascal Dog Training, went on the website, and liked everything I read. Roxie loved him and was very receptive to his teachings. She became the dog I knew she could always be. Thank you so much Gary for everything. You helped the both of us immensely.”

Jackie, Marietta
(Roxanne, Pit Bull)

"Gary, we couldn't be more proud of our Gracie, the training and expertise you provided over a 7 week period.  It's always a pleasure to have such a loving dog who is now well adjusted and in-step with our family.  We continue to receive compliments on Gracie's discipline, attentiveness and focus.  We would not hesitate in recommending your program to any family who shares the same love and compassion for their dog. Thank you again!"
All the best,

Roni & Lori, Kennesaw
(Gracie, Black Lab)   

"From the very first session of basic obedience training, Gary had a positive impact on Moose, my 6 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Gary's friendly demeanor and detailed instructions made our training sessions both highly beneficial and enjoyable. More importantly, Gary taught me how to work with Moose on my own to further enhance Moose's obedience training in the future."

Devin, Atlanta
(Moose, Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

"If you want to see your own “wild but friendly beast” tamed to become like the dog you see in pictures lying quietly by the fireplace, just call Gary at Good Rascal. You won’t be disappointed.”

Cathy, Powder Springs
(Beezly, Beagle)

 "Gary, Ollie is doing well. We love the work with you. It is making a wonderful difference with him and us."

 CeCe, Vinings
 (Ollie, Goldendoodle)

"Thank you so much for working with Vinny.  You were always patient and kind.  It was very easy to see how much you love what you do. Thank you again for being a great teacher and a really nice person!"

Mary Ann Corrado, Cartersville
(Vinny, Bulldog Mix)

"We tried several trainers for our two litter-mate puppies. We landed upon "Good Rascal Dog Training" and Gary Merullo. He has done/is doing a super job with our puppies, and the puppies love it when he comes to our house! "

Brian and Pat, Atlanta

(Bailey and Baxter, 2 Cockapoos)

“Thank you Gary for your wonderful help, advice and obvious love you have for my dog.  The results are astounding and I would do it again in a heartbeat”.

Monica, Powder Springs
(Juno, Husky)

“Thank you so much. We would recommend you to anyone with an untrained dog”.

Bobby and Dale, Smyrna
(Bailey, Dachshund)

“At the start of the training with Gary, I didn't believe Buddy would be able to change the bad habits he'd got into, but he immediately responded to Gary and his training techniques.  Over the duration of the course, Buddy has learned all the basics of obedience and he's now a very well mannered little dog.  My husband and I would recommend Gary to anyone looking for help with their dog, he clearly loves animals and is such a nice person.  Thank you Gary and Good Rascal for all the hard work you put in with our puppy, we're so happy we met you."

Sara and Elliot, Smyrna
(Buddy, Chihuahua/Min Pin)