"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."
Louis Sabin

Private Training (Basic Obedience)

Private, One-On-One Dog Training is offered by our Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Gary Merullo, in the privacy of your own Home. He will work with You and your Dog at your Home, or another private location, and Train your Dog in a foundation of Basic Obedience and Good Manners. He will give you Homework each week to review with your Dog. A Dog learns through Consistency, Repetition, and Practice. So before he leaves, he will make sure that You understand each week's Training Lesson, and discuss with you any problems your Dog might be experiencing. In the end, your Dog will be a Happier member of your family, and be more relaxed as he looks to you as Leader of The Pack.  You will be given the phone number to call, text, or email the Trainer if your Dog is having any problems with the lessons. Please see our 
Rates & Policies Page for Fees.

Private Small Group Class (Basic Obedience)

We offer Small Group Training Classes given at your home or other private location. These Small Groups are set up by you, and the classes are given at a discounted fee. The class size is kept from two to four dogs to offer your dog the individualized attention of a small class, along with the opportunity for socialization. Please see our
Rates & Policies Page for Fees.

.                            Basic Obedience includes:


  • Housetraining
  • How to Deal with Common Behavior Problems
  • Walking on a Loose Leash   
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lie Down until released
  • Come when called
  • Leave It - to teach dog not to touch certain objects 
  • Wait before exiting a door

-Basic Obedience Training consists of a Series of Six Sessions.
-Each Dog Training Session lasts approximately 60 minutes.
-First Session in a Series lasts 60-90 minutes.

Please contact Gary Merullo if you have any questions or to arrange a consultation*. He can be reached by telephone at 770-401-7945, by email at: gary@mygoodrascal.com, or via the Contact Us page.

* $30 Consultation Fee, waived with purchase of any Training Package.


Private Dog Training

Walk/Train Sessions
We Never Leave you without Help.  If your Dog is having any problems with the Lessons, or if He/She is a previous Good Rascal Student who needs a Refresher in Basic Obedience Commands, you can consider our Walk/Train Sessions. With this Service, our Trainer can come to your Home and review One-On-One the current week's Obedience Commands with your Dog. If your Dog is a Previous Good Rascal Student, and needs some help on Obedience Commands He/She seems to have forgotten, the Trainer will Review any Commands your Dog may need help with since the previous Obedience Training. Your Dog will get One-on-One Instruction from the Trainer, who will also review Proper Loose Leash Walking techniques. Your Dog will be sure to get all the help that He/She needs. Please see our 
Rates & Policies Page for Fees.

Real-Life Training Sessions
Once your dog has completed our Basic Obedience Training, we offer Real-Life Dog Training for you and your dog. Our Trainer will meet you at a mutually-convenient location such as a park, pet-friendly restaurant, or other pet-friendly location, to work with you and your Dog in real-life situations. Your Dog will be taught proper Behavior and Manners, so that you will enjoy taking him on outings more. You will be taught how to work with your dog, controlling you and your Dog's stress level, when the unexpected occurs. Please see our 
Rates & Policies Page for Fees


The pictures on the bottom of this page show Lucy, a large 8-year old energetic Weimaraner mix who was rescued by a woman in her 80's. Gary had met this woman after Lucy had knocked her to the ground (it turned out she had already been knocked down by Lucy many times). Gary offered to teach Lucy how to be well-behaved inside the home.  She became a happy and welcome member of the household.